there are no pay walls to log in to class

all payment is optional + deeply appreciated

((there is a charge for in person classes so that i can pay for the space.

if payment is not an option, send me an email and let me know.))

should you choose to pay for class, please do so by clicking link below.

(if you'd like to pay an amount other than $15 or $52 for virtual classes, you can click the

"tip jar" icon at the top right of the homepage to donate any amount.)

if you buy the 4 class package, you will just track your own classes as you use them.

add more when needed:)

if you would like to pay using a method other than Square (the link below),

just holler at me + we'll figure it out.

art by Jessica Sabogal



Drop In (virtual)


4 Class Package (virtual)


Winter Restorative
IN PERSON class 12/4


Winter Restorative 
IN PERSON class 1/1


Winter Restorative
IN PERSON class 2/5


Winter Restorative
3 class pass is SOLD OUT