i'm so glad our paths have crossed...

if you are new here, welcome.

i have been studying + teaching yoga asana + dharma in Vancouver for nearly two decades.

my root teacher, Sundari SitaRam, shared with us her experience + interpretation of asana, meditation + dharma.  Sundari was a wonderful yoga therapist + encouraged a deep dive into the way asana can bring us into the reality of our life, dharma can illuminate our conditioning + fear, and meditation can be a tool for awareness outside of our preferences.

it was from her that i first learned about dharma: wisdom born from the Veda's, nurtured by Hindus, inspiring curious minds + hearts the world over, my own included.

i have been lucky to have spent a few years learning + practicing Ashtanga asana with Gepina Caterina.

I have also learned from + honor Rachel Maroudas, Julie McCoy Cox + Danielle Lee. i am a student of Wah Lum Kung Fu and honor my Sifu Hiep Dang.

i approach asana (movement) instruction from my personal love of movement as self expression,

self care + a desire to befriend the body.  my classes are a playful blend of movement + stillness,

dharma, pranayama, visualization + rest. 

i am currently studying anti-racism + #LandBack. i have much to learn, and welcome your feedback.

i am also currently in school working towards a nursing degree.

i see this practice as an opportunity to learn in real time about being honest, gentle + confronting with the tenderness we are sure to find inside + out. 

please poke around here + feel free to reach out via the comment section on the home page.



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