i'm so glad our paths have crossed. wow! life is amazing...

i am nearly two decades into experiencing yoga, and so much has changed for me over this last year in terms of how i understand yoga. i wish for you to know that i am presently not connected to a lineage. like many millions of us here in usa, i was encouraged to use yoga as i saw fit, rather than seek relationship with + learn directly from a lineage holder.

if you join me here, please know that my perspective today is that we are engaging in + learning about a tradition that was birthed by, and is rightfully held, by Hindu folks. Hindus, from whom these practices were often stolen and who suffered unbelievable violence from those who wished to silence them and/or steal their wisdom. this is in large part why we have a free-for-all western yoga practice available to us today. there are many incredible teachers today who are somehow, still graciously offering these ancient + precious teachings to us. i have linked just a couple of them that i am currently learning from on the RESOURCES page here on the website.

my intention here is to be a student of that understanding. i believe that our privilege does not grant us the right to parse out the practice, taking what we like + discarding the rest. our work here will rest in that understanding. if that doesn't work for you, please move along.

with gratitude, i honor the pure hearts of my teachers as they have helped shape the student + facilitator i am today: sundari sita ram, julie mccoy-cox, gepina caterina + danielle lee. i am also a student of Wah Lum Kung Fu and honor my Sifu Hiep Dang.

i am also currently in school working towards a nursing degree.

please poke around here + feel free to reach out via the comment section on the home page. may all beings be happy + free. may our practice bring merit to all beings.