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heather jolma fray

companionship + community

breathing, moving + stretching our hearts, minds + bodies

weekly self inuiry:

"The only true elegance is vulnerability."

-Chogram Trungpa

nice to meet you, im heather.

i use she/her pronouns. i pass along cues + hold space to encourage presence for us all. everything i offer here was taught to me with tireless love + patience by my teachers.


im a mom, wife, sister, auntie, daughter, grand-daughter, niece, neighbor, friend, descendant of Finnish, Scottish + British people:::


read more about me + the context of me in this space by clicking the "nice to meet you" tab above.

there are no prerequisites or paywalls to

log into anything i offer here (except if im renting space from someone or paying a co-facilitator for their time).

"may all beings everywhere be happy + free: and may that start with me. "

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(ALL CLASSES 9:15-1015AM)
Thurs. 7/18
. 7/25


you are invited to join us for our most gentle way to start the day!

new here? read on to learn about what to expect during our virtual time together:
not new here? scroll all the way down for the link to our virtual class!

when you log in to class, you can expect a few minutes of virtual visiting and checking in, many of us have been practicing together for 20 years +, and we love meeting new people!

we will spend 10-15 minutes laying down, practicing simple breathing techniques that i will cue us through. i'll then offer cues for stretches that might include gentle twists, full body stretches, opening and closing the hip joints with easy, pleasurable movements. expect cues to remind you this is not a contest, but a practice; and one that we are so lucky to get to enjoy.

can you sense your body is enjoying what you are doing? what might it be like to ask it what it would like?

sometimes we'll do simple movements on hands and knees, opening and closing the front and back body, massaging the spine, sometimes we'll even make it to our feet to reach and stretch and practice balancing on one foot.

my intention is to keep the pace low and slow. if you want more, you just press in a bit. you can always unmute and ask a question!

we end our time resting on our backs for a few minutes. what is it like to be quiet and close your eyes and feel? we'll practice exploring that. 

if you've got em, have a foam roller, massage (or tennis!) ball, blanket, strap, and towel ready for our time together. we will often save some minutes for important self-massage! there are many wonderful techniques that you can do with your own hands, so if you don't have any props, you are invited to come anyway. we truly have so many options!
our ability to gather is because of your open hearts and flexibility with my ever-shifting schedule. thank you.

all levels welcome as we adapt a million ways...

send a note:

have a question about the classes?

want to look at scheduling a small group or 1 on 1 session?

have something else you want me to know or consider?

i would love to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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