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heather jolma fray

companionship + community

breathing, moving + stretching our hearts, minds + bodies

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weekly self inuiry:

"touch the hole in your life, and there flowers will bloom." - zen proverb

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nice to meet you, im heather.

i use she/her pronouns. i pass along cues + hold space to encourage presence for us all. everything i offer here was taught to me with tireless love + patience by my teachers.

im a mom, law enforcement wife, sister of deceased OEF/OIF vet, auntie, daughter, grand-daughter, niece, neighbor, friend, descendant of Finnish, Scottish + English people:::


read more about me + the context of me in this space by clicking the "nice to meet you" tab above.

there are no prerequisites or paywalls to

log into anything i offer here (except if im renting space from someone or paying a co-facilitator for their time).

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join us virtually for a refreshing mid week practice from the comfort of your home or connected via the interweb wherever you are. expect a poem or curated inquiry to open the heart and soften the body.

these are extraordinary times, and an hour of stretching, breathing and feeling what we feel, in an intentional and controlled environment, can offer us the strength, patience and courage to continue to greet the present moment with clarity + openness. no experience necessary. everyone welcome.






you are invited to join us for our most gentle way to start the day!

this class is the new place for monday + friday folks...if you've got em: bring a foam roller, massage (or tennis!) ball, blanket, strap, etc. our time together will consist of half asana inspired movement, half self massage. 

our ability to gather is because of your open hearts and flexibility with my ever shifting schedule. thank you.

all levels welcome as we adapt a million ways...

thursday, may 4th 10-4pm (1).png


Thursday, 6/29. 9am-1pm. $50

Blurb written by Aubry's sister!!

"Join Aubry and Heather to celebrate Summer and escape the rush of daily life for an outdoor mini-retreat that seamlessly blends the serenity of nature with hiking and mindful movement. Unwind your mind, recharge your spirit, and reconnect with your inner self amidst our beautiful local surroundings.

Embrace the therapeutic power of nature as your guide, Aubry, leads you through scenic trails to connect with the world around you with mindful intention. Following the hike, we will indulge in a nourishing lunch to restore your energy, and then enjoy free time to explore the area, digest, journal (paper, pen, prompt provided), splash in the river, or engage in activities of your choice.

Following our connection time with nature and ourselves and under the expert guidance of seasoned instructor Heather, discover the harmonious union of body and mind through calming mindful movement. Enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being as you delve into the practice.

This mini-retreat promises to replenish your energy, uplift your spirit, and leave you feeling grounded and re-connected to the beauty of the world around you and your inner calm self."

Location: Lewisville park in Battleground, WA (meet up location provided upon registration)

Cost: $50

Please make sure to dress comfortably for the weather and bring a water bottle, yoga mat or blanket, good hiking or walking shoes, and a towel if you plan to go in the water. Plus anything else that you'd like to have handy throughout the day (sunglasses, sunblock, etc).

Delicious catered sack lunch will be provided as well as water refills for bottles.

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